Information Literacy Training (pdf)

One of the projects in my favorite MLIS courses* (User Instruction) was to create a Literacy Information session for Adult Learners.

I chose to combine all the tools presented to create a 50-minute Information Literacy (IL)session geared to upper-level college students taking a specific class. During this IL session we went over how to approach libraries, librarians, and research itself, as well as Tool & Best Practices for using Books, Databases, and the Internet for finding scholarly information. Following this session (which included teaching methods geared towards all types outlined in Gardener’s Intelligences), there is a survey asking for feedback so that I can continually improve the user experience.

Full Methodology for the IL sessions is here: FolkloreHandoutforLibGuide

*besides Metadata and Cataloging and Digital Reference and Research Methods and Web Technology and Special Libraries…wow, seems like a lot of my classes at UA rocked — Roll Tide!

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