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Rise of Digital Influence

On Twitter, I follow digitalassetman, who posted this link to an article by DAMFoundation (DAM = digital asset management)…it’s an examination of the three pillars – Reach, Resonance, Relevance – that make up an organziation’s digital influence. It then explores how to digitally engage your customers through … Continue reading

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Does Social Media really make us better communicators?

I’ve been reading articles online lately arguing that social media is improving communication (as well as being told so in a couple of online webinars I attended). For the most part SM is incredible…Twitter has saved me quite a few times when I’ve … Continue reading

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Hathi Trust, Digitization, and Accessibility for PWD

I’ve been sporadically following the Hathi Trust Fair Use and digitization brouhaha, and it leaves me wondering if and/or how it will affect equal Accessibility for those with print disabilities re: the cultural record. Digitization to me means an increase … Continue reading

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