Kelli’s LibGuides

A “LibGuide” is a web 2.0 library pathfinder, a comprehensive way to share knowledge with audiences. Using the LibGuide platform, you can:

  • write informational articles
  • upload videos tutorials (or other desired image-based media)
  • link to databases
  • link to books (tool used allows inclusion of cover art – very cool!)
  • create interactive polls
  • embed widgets for social media sites (Facebook & Twitter)
  • allow for RSS feeds
  • collect comments on the usefulness of each pathfinder tool
  • etc., etc., etc., (anything Web/Library 2.0)

The two LibGuides I created are:

Pathfinder for a Folklore class geared toward upper-level college students:

Pathfinder for military librarians:

To learn more about LibGuides:

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