New Batch of Seeds Started

I was hoping to start some cantaloupe seeds, but discovered that they should only be started in areas with short growing season 1 week before last frost (mid-April for Camano), then transplant oustside 2 weks after the frost date. 
Some of the tomatoes from the March 2 planting have succumbed from too much moisture in the grow dome, so something to remember from now on.
What I planted tonight: 
  • 4 types of tomatoes: weeping charley, pantano romanseco, marmande, and principe borghese (they all died last planting)
  • cucumber: Mexican sour gherkin
  • tomatillo
  • strawberry husk tomato (a.k.a ground cherry)
  • cilantro
  • New Zealand spinach
  • leeks: Bleu de Solaise
  • pumpkin: sugar pie
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