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Recommended debut Sci-Fi novel: “Lightless” by C. A. Higgins

I enjoyed the multiple mysteries presented in this combo Hard Sci-Fi/Soft Sci-Fi tale: Who is Ivan and is he really a bad guy? What did Mattie do to the Ananke’s computers? What is the real identity of space terrorist Mallt-y-Nos … Continue reading

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That All May Read: What IS a print disability? An answer + resources

Libraries are commonly understood to be the repositories of the human experience, storehouses which take that human experience and, from it, create opportunities for library consumers to “learn, grow, and know”. But what if someone you know has a print … Continue reading

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Ian Caldwell’s “The Fifth Gospel” — an excellent and riveting thriller

“The Fifth Gospel” by Ian Caldewell; pub date March 3, 2015 ; ISBN 9781451694147 I haven’t read a religious thriller that interested me this much since Stephen Bransford’s “High Places” back in 1991 — I enjoy books that teach me something … Continue reading

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“Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters” — another excellent YA adventure from Shannon Hale

“Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters” by Shannon Hale; pub date Feb 24, 2015; ISBN 9781619634855; Grade Level: 4-8 Going by all the books I’ve previously read by Shannon Hale, including the two previous Princess Academy books (“Princess Academy” and “Palace … Continue reading

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Book suggestions from TechRepublic — 7 Leadership titles to read in 2015

I enjoy opening my Daily Digests from Tech Republic — there’s always something that’s useful or interesting to read, even though I’m not a programmer or high-level IT guru, I just like working with technology and learning about what’s out … Continue reading

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Chi’s Sweet Home series – a gentle introduction to manga for adolescents or manga newbies

      I saw this as a recommended title on a YA list, ordered issues 1-3 from the library, and agree with others that this is a cute series that would be a great way to introduce the manga style to a YA or mange … Continue reading

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Discover WyrmeWeald – a Dragon Trilogy worth getting lost in

Well-known for their popular YA “Edge Chronicle” series, Paul Stewart and Chris Riddel have created a teen (and I would include adults) trilogy that’s worth reading by building a fascinating and believable dragon-focused ecosystem — a world that revolves around Dragons (or as they’re known … Continue reading

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