Inside Urban Green: Simple Sub-irrigation Grow Box

This idea is sooooo cool!  We bought some 18-gallon storage tubs at Target for $5 each, then 2 18-gallon trugs –hadnles make movein them mcuh easier — at Home Depot for $6 each (just to see which turns out better).  Costco also has a great buy on double-walled, 24” resin planters for $19.99 each that are guaranteed to last 10 years – many planting of tomatoes, beans, and kale for those!  What a huge growing surface on top!  I’m very excited to try this. 

To make the interior system of these boxes, we found 2 sheets of 3/4" expanded polystyrene insulation for $5 & 20’ of 3" drain line (already has holes cut into it) for $2.50 at Home Depot. 

Tomato season has begun!

Click on the link below for the directions…seems like a great way to save water, which, as you know, as liable to shortages by August depending on how the State had handled the dams, even though they know we have no rain every summer (why DO they let water out some years?.

Inside Urban Green: Simple Sub-irrigation Grow Box

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