web-based applications

I do think it’s funny that people think the web-based applications are "Free"…who is writing them if no one is paying a programmer?  And since you HAVE to have a google account to use google docs, don’t you think maybe they’re earning their money by selling rights to data-mine your "creations".  And whom do you call specifically if there is an issue?  The author of some program could be some fly-by-night guy who disappears, leaving some know-nothing to answer help questions.
I think the hubbub is funny, of course, I"m amazed at the web 2.0 mania out there.  It’s just another tool.  Some of the web-based programs are okay, but every things you do web-based has the opporutinty to let a hacker onto your machine.  So, while it’s okay, and it’s great for someone else to store pics of my cat Fluffy and free up space on my computer, or have a group writing a paper on the rise and fall of American Idol auidences, I hardly have starry eyes over it.  I’ll stick with software-based programs saved on my private machine that is less touchable by the wann-be Internet Unabombers and spyware/adware.  If I must collaberate on the web, I will, but to think it’s the next wave, and that companies like Microsoft are passe, is silly.  You need experts.  Not hobbyists. 
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