Infocamp Seattle

This past weekend I attended Infocamp Seattle, an “unconference” presented by ASIS&T and the UW’s ischool.  An “unconference” simply means that there are no planned events throughout the day – the participants are the presenters. Topics ranged from UX to using drupal to build a website to re-imagining the Reference Desks of the Future. I even hosted a discussion about Accessibility for those people with print disabilities — since I’m new, but have some insight after completing a Literature Review/Poster for Accessibility, I can share the basics of what I know, and, even better, I can get feedback from Accessibility Professionals and learn from them! Eura from WTBBL and Raymona from the Alliance of People with Disabilities both added much to the discussions. It was a good meeting, amidst two days of events that really helped broaden my knowledge base. Thanks, Infocamp Organizers!

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