Touch Graphics Inc. & Intrepid Museum: Multi-Sensory Museum Guide (from Library & Museum Accessiblity LinkedIn Group)

Manhattan’s Intrepid Museum Complex, which houses a tour-able aircraft carrier, submarine, and supersonic airliner, have used emerging technology, created by Touch Graphics Inc., to help people with sight disabilities have a more-immersive experience with the artifacts.

On each floor, their “Talking Tactile Pen”, used in conjunction with a booklet, allows visitors to…

“extensive explanatory descriptions and recordings, including interviews with historical figures and experts on the subject matter. The system embeds detailed instructions for use, and allows user control of volume by tapping “buttons” on the back cover.”

With this technology, other exhibits, like zoos, urban walking tours, etc. can become better experiences for those who have visual impairments. The vinyl (waterproof) audio-tactile books are said to be inexpensive to produce and easy to clean, or could be great souvenirs.  Emerging technology being used in museums – too cool!

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