Baker & Taylor Launches E-Reader App

The world’s largest distributor of books, digital content and entertainment products, Baker & Taylor announced yesterday the launch of their own eReader app. I wondered what the catch was…what do I need to do to get it? How would/could their eReader app fit in with the other two tools libraries are likely to use: 3M and Overdrive. Is it intended to be a competing product or is it just another tool for library customers?

From the article on Digital Book World:

” Baker & Taylor, the world’s largest distributor of digital and physical books and entertainment products, has released a new, free application for tablets and smartphones called axisReader, which allows patrons of libraries with the Axis 360 digital media platform to seamlessly discover, checkout and read ebooks in EPUB and PDF formats on their mobile devices.  The axisReader will be available alongside the existing Blio ereader, which provides a fully-accessible ereading experience to Axis 360 users.”

If your library subscribes to the Axis 360, you will have access to this reader. To find out if your library is a subscriber:


For more info on Axis 360:

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