Sea Change by S. M. Wheeler (YA Fantasy)

A brand new release, I’ve not yet read this book but wanted to share because it seems such a promising fairytale adventure…I’m always enticed by a good fairytale.

The following quote is a mashup of three separate reviews that hopefully captures the full and fantastical extent of this debut novel.

Sea Change cover image

Sea Change cover from Publisher’s Weekly

From Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Library Journal Reviews:

“Wheeler’s stunning debut is a sophisticated fantasy whose lush descriptions, lyrical dialogue, and engaging structure are reminiscent of the very best fairy tales. Lilly, a nobleman’s daughter, is a solitary, resourceful, and intelligent girl, her face covered by such a potent birthmark her talents remain forever hidden to the gaping eyes of others. She has one true friend while growing up: Octavius, a gentle kraken who is closer to her than her emotionally distant parents ever could be. When Octavius is captured and sold to a circus, Lilly embarks on an epic journey to win back his freedom. Her selfless pursuit leads her to a troll in need of female organs, a witch in search of her skin, a duo of bandits looking for companionship, a landowner endowed with mystical capabilities and bewitching beauty, and Octavius himself, trapped in a circus side show. Also involved are automata, an undead corpse, a magic coat, and a mule that has been transformed into a boy named Horace, who has magic power.”

I discovered this book thanks to its ultra-cool book trailer at

My hold has been placed 🙂

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