What is Connected Learning?

What is Connected Learning | Connected Learning.

I was fortunate enough to attend a CAYAS training (CAYAS is WA state’s youth services special interest group) on “Connected Training on Nov 1st.

Although Connected Learning is applicable to all ages, the session I attended – OMG! Maker spaces, hacking, connected learning, social media, Twitter  was geared mostly towards teens and led by an amazing author and library advocate, Linda Braun. (Her book, “Risky Business: Taking and Managing Risks in Library Services for Teens” was one of the books I read to prepare for my Teen Librarian position this past May.)

If I had to reduce it to a single blurb, Connected Learning = Hands-on, Learner-focused learning, where the librarian/educator is a partner with the learner, not “the sage” who teaches, but someone who helps them explore and connects them with others. The workshop was inspiring and has made me beyond excited to get out there an connect with teens and adults with this new mode for imparting knowledge. I cannot wait until I have the chance to connect with community members and figure out how we can all network to provide excellent educational opportunities.

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