Great Tutorial on how to embellish with liquid clay + Ranger alcohol ink

Because I’m an Information Professional, I appreciate when someone creates a high-quality user instruction tutorial, whatever the topic. If it can show me how to do something, I will store it away in memory and [hopefully remember to] bring it out when someone has need of it.

I’m a new polymer clay artist, and so I really appreciate this great tutorial that shows a simple method for achieving a really cool effect. Google Translate* can help you if you want the instructions translated into English, but Nathalie’s pictures are enough for understanding the steps. The best thing about this tutorial? If you click on a picture in the tutorial, you’ll get an enlarged photo so that you can really see what’s going on. Priceless for newbies like me who really need to see what’s happening :-)!

Silver Dot Pendant

* Keep in mind that the GT clipboard isn’t very large – if you copy to much at one go, it won’t be able to translate the passage.

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