For those of you who want to incorporate vitality to your social media with visual content – here are 55 free templates!

Lovely Birdy spray paint art

Spray paint art, “Lovely Birdy” by Jocey K. Retrieved from fotopedia on 3/26/14. See bottom of post for link about the piece.


We know we’re visual animals, and according to this August 2013 article from Inbound Marketing written by Pamela Vaughan:

And in social media? Visuals pretty much make or break your presence. In fact, photos on Facebook generate 53% more Likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more clickt-hroughs than the average post.

I certainly have several current projects going on: keeping up with this blog on a regular basis; learning American Sign Language*; building up my confidence as a budding polymer clay artist; and, most importantly, finding a full-time information professional position (yes, I accept cold calls from potential employers!), so even though I love learning new things, I wondered “do I really need to put something else on my to-do list?”

Then I realized that adding visual flair to my social media posts might garner more attention from those potential employers. Or maybe knowing how to use one of these tools will make a great interview talking point. If neither of those potentialities comes true, I’ll at least have taught myself how to use some heretofore unknown tools. Best of all, I can share these cool tool finds with others.

HubSpot’s above-mentioned article provides excellent sources, and a quick click on the link will get you everything you need to learn how to add high-quality visual panache to your social media sites.

The photo has nothing to do with the article – I just really liked the piece. To learn more about what inspired the artist, Jocey K:

* is a great free resource for learning ASL

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