Lynnwood by Thomas Brown – great horror story

cover of Thomas Brown's Lynnwood A tourist driving through the village of Lynnwood would see a typical charming bucolic British village kind of like one would find while watching a Miss Marple mystery. People might even like to go mushrooming in the forest that oversees the homes…but I wouldn’t recommend it. Like Agatha Christie’s settings, this charming veneer overlays sinister goings on. Unlike Agatha Christie, what goes on in Lynnwood is more than a single family’s tribulations…instead the whole town is subject to the horrific goings on that are an inherent facet of the community.

Thomas Brown creates a fantastically chilling tale of multi-generational decline into depravity; some fight it, others don’t; some are prey, others hunters; some recognize what’s going on right away, others are slow on the uptake. Thoroughly enjoyable book.

Pub date June 17, 2013; ISBN 9781907230387

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  1. Thomas Brown says:

    Hello Kelli,

    Just a brief message to say thank you for reading and reviewing LYNNWOOD. I’m delighted to see that you enjoyed the book. You’ve really captured the flavour of the story in your review. It would be wonderful if you could share the review on and, too.

    Hope you’re well,



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