Chi’s Sweet Home series – a gentle introduction to manga for adolescents or manga newbies

cover of Chi's Sweet Home volume 1 cover of Chi's Sweet Home volume 2 ChisSweetHome3




I saw this as a recommended title on a YA list, ordered issues 1-3 from the library, and agree with others that this is a cute series that would be a great way to introduce the manga style to a YA or mange newbie, especially those that love cats.

With an impressively consistent 4+ star rating on goodreads (out of 5 stars) for all ten volumes, I can see the allure: the interaction of a new kitten with a family that seems to have little experience with felines and how each sees the world. Distracted by all the wondrous things in a world brand new to her, Chi gets separated from her mom and fellow kittens while out for an exploratory walk. Hungry and lost, she falls into the grass near where a young boy, Yohei, has also fallen. Both crying, kitten and boy bond, and Chi is taken home with Yohei and his mom. When calls to see if anyone wants a kitten fail to produce fruit, Chi is eventually invited to become part of the family– but they have to be careful, since pets aren’t allowed in their building!

Seeing things through Chi’s eyes is a good introduction into what it means to be a good pet owner who respects and cares for their charge. It was also really funny in parts, like when Chi gets a bath and she thinks for sure the human is trying to kill her, or  Chi thinking the plastic bag that the cat toys came in was actually the best plaything of all. Any cat owner knows only too well these scenarios. All this results in a good manga series for all ages.



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1 Response to Chi’s Sweet Home series – a gentle introduction to manga for adolescents or manga newbies

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks to your review, I learned the definition of a new (to me) genre.

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