Let me start off by saying that there are some beautifully composed photos at this site, which proves that you don’t have to be a professional, you just have to have a ‘good’ eye.  Because, boy howdy, there are some really poor photographs on there
Examples: One search for earl grey tea (I could blog the photo at my yahoo account, but how much space do I really want to take up?  There are only so many 1’s and 0’s in the world!).
What is it?  I can’t tell….and there’s a thumbprint…how messy!  I juast do not understand what earl grey has to do with this picture, and guessing frustrates me.
In the same search, I came across this photo, which is so eye-catching:
I will try and embed this in my photo section.  Hopefully, it will work better than the "meebo me" widget that never took
 (BTW:  too many people use the Star Trek phrase, "Earl Grey. Hot" tag)
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