Social Networking

So I was looking at the lists provided.  MySpace is certainly overrun with teenagers, and not a place I’d care to go.   Facebook was way too intrusive in its questions, and pummeled me with suggested "friends" I might like to have.  Not into that, either:  I don’t like that people can see me and contact me without my say so.  And I’m  8 years too young for Eons, although it would be nice to have a Social Network whose audience was comprised mainly of past middle-age adults. 
Then I looked at wikipedia’s list of major active social networking sites, and found that my Space here, at Windows Live, is considered a social network on par with Facebook and MySpace, so…here I am! 
I did sign up at Facebook (hence my issue with people from high school contacting me that I never wanted to hear from again), and did find one good h.s. friend,. Jon P., although he’s safe, because he’s a manager at a store where my niece works, and we were bosom buddies until the graduation day, then he went off to college, I stayed in our small town and worked at the bank, and we never ran into each other again because he hated our small town.  Funny enough, he’s lives there now, and I’m out here on the west coast.
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