Search Engines (#15)

Actually, I don’t like using Google because I find the conceit of the developers insufferable, and I hate that they offer stock — how can you possibly own stock in a company that doesn’t have a product?  It’s stupid.
I like Blingo — great search results, and it doesn’t hurt that each search can win you prizes.  Love that!  Combines results from Yahoo, MSN Live Search, and
My search was for the a flower, for which I have a seed packet which has no picture, and, since the seeds are 10 years old, I don’t remember what they looked like in the Burpee Heirloom catalog (and Burpee no longer sells this type):
Carnation, Marguerite Mix
Rollyo: gave me similar answers to Blingo.
Mamma: gave fewer relevant results than Rollyo
Dogpile: similar to Rollyo and Blingo
None found this particular brand, and the results at each site seemed very similar.
I would hypothesize that most search engines will have the same results, because they all seem to include Google, Yahoo, MSN Live Search, and Ask. so I guess it all depends on which page has a color scheme you like.
I do especially like Clusty by Vivisimo, because it clusters the results into groupings, so that you can more easily see what you want. 
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