Podcasting (#14)

Personal Interest:   Okay, I was one of the silly ones who thought that you needed an ipod to listen to podcasts.  I am thankful that I’ve been set straight, and I love Podcast Alley.  It’s great that you can serach for a Podcast (I found that easier than doing the "Pick a Podcast Genre"): I put in one word looking for podcasts in which I’d be interested, and it came back with 200 results to choose from.  Thank you Podcast Alley!  Podcasts from people all over the world?  Amazing! 
It is odd that all podcast "readers" make my machine wonder if it’s some kind of bad software.  Seems like they should all be so properly licensed that the issue doesn’t come up.  I think I’ll just stick with listening to p-casts with my WIndows Media Player.  Downloading lots of different programs can really mess up one’s computer, and it’s not worth the risk. 
The Learn Out Loud Podcasts is a really cool site: history lessons live at your fingertips — neato!
Library Interest: 
  1.  InfoPeople: Moving Libraries Forward This one impressed me because the most recent feed was an assessment on the "vritues of comics & graphic novels".  I think comic books/graphic novels are disgustingly underappreciated for how much work goes into their creation.
  2. PALINET: LIbraries Shaping Tomorrow Has quite a few different podcast.


Podcasts could be used by employees who want refresher courses, or to keep up-to-date with things like notes from Building Heads Meetings (to go along with the written notes at Comlitech). 

I have only listened  to podcasts with this exercise; I don’t know that I’d ever bother with making one, as there are already way too many people who think they have something to say when they really don’t.  I’d hate to have to sift through worthless podcasts just to get to some that have good, relevant info, and I don’t want to add to the mix.

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