#19 Gaming

How gaming could benfit our workplace?  I guess if there are matching games for us to familiarize ourselves with authors, good ol’ Dewey Decimal, etc.  I doubt very many employees are ensconced in onlnie gaming; unless they are, we certainly can’t give gaming hints and tips to the teen groups.  As I mentioned previously, I love Pogo.com.  In addition to sundry solitaire games (Spider, Addiction, Golf, Tri-Peaks), they have Sudokus, Jigsaw Puzzles, Monopoly, Word Games — their Scrabble game is VERY nice.  You do have to pay a fee of $40/year, but since that comes out to 11 cents/day, it’s worth it.  You can also buy downloadable games (online Pictureka! and some Nancy Drew mysteries, where you have to find objects, solve clues, lots of games where you make groups of 3 to clear rows, etc.).
It’s great fun and a site that I do visit daily to play Trivial Pursuit — a new puzzle for each day — and Word Search and Sudoku.
If you play the Free Games (they require no fees) and ask in the chat associated with each and very room, you can sometimes find people to give you a free 2-week pass. 
The only thing you cannot do at Pogo is cheat – if they find out you used bots to play a game to win Jackpot Spins (most games have jackpots, members win double jackpots up to $4999) you will be banned from the site.
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