#20 Reflections

Looking over the "20 Things" initially, I was surprised to recognize I was already quite computer savvy. 
My husband and I have IM’d for years from different rooms in the house.  It’s much better than yelling back and forth, "What did you just say?"  
I like RSS feeds – and loved learning about RSS managers like Bloglines.  Streaming music is good and has kept me happy during Christmas seasons for several years now, although in rural areas like the small town in the PNW where I live, we don’t have enough bandwidth to enjoy this very often. 
 And I would hope that this wasn’t the first time fellow employees have used OverDrive – if you don’t use it, it makes it much harder to explain to customers how to use it.
FLickr was fun – there are many amazing photograpehrs out there – some might say a glut – so many tagged pictures that are bad make searching annoying at times.
It was also fun to revisit Google Earth.  It is amazing, although my sister-in-law hated it and thought it a violation of her civil rights that just anyone could key on her address and see her house.  Talk about Privacy Issues!
 I was bummed that I couldn’t make a mock magazine cover (Thing #13).  I don’t like the faceless nature of Online Applicatins, and don’t trust that the providers aren’t sending out personal data — nothing is ever Free!!!!   Second Life is a product I would never use and is anathema to me.
All in all, this was a fun experience and I’m glad there were both reminders of things I love and new things shown to me.  Thanks!
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