Great Jewelry Book for Teens: “Hardware: Jewelry from a Toolbox”

Hardware: Jewelry from a Toolbox by Hannah Rogge; pub date 5/1/2006; 9781584794806.

cover image of Hardware: Jewelry from a toolbox

image courtesy Goodreads

Jewelry-making components can get pretty pricey, so how can you make attractive items for little cost? Or maybe funds aren’t short, but you want to learn how to look at everyday items with an artist’s eye to make pieces that grab someone’s attention. Or maybe you’re not an aspiring jewelry maker at all, but you are interested in finding books that can offer some great ideas for Passive Programming in libraries.

Whichever your take, Rhode Island School of Design grad Hannah Rogge provides the answer in her “Hardware” book and shows you how to raid a toolbox or visit your local ACE store and make that awesome accessory to complete your look. Organized into chapters that correspond to various components — washers, rope, metal connectors, nuts, and vinyl/plastic/rubber — each project guides you from start to finish accompanied by plenty of images to help ensure success. Whether it’s a really cool Zinc Fender Washer Belt or a two-tone bracelet using just six 2″ closed S-hooks + 24-gauge copper wire, you’re sure to find something that will not only be easy to make, but will also look chic – and you know there aren’t going to be a lot of other people wearing it! (And it’s not going to totally deplete your checking account!)

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