Eight chapters in and really enjoying Jenna Elizabeth Johnson’s “Faelorehn”

Faelorehn – Book One of the Otherworld Trilogy

by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson; pub date April 21, 2012; 9781475192087.

cover image "Faelorehn"

image courtesy Goodreads

I’m eight chapters in to Faelorehn and Ms. Johnson has done a great job in creating characters I like + creating a mystery that I can’t wait to see solved. Why was the protagonist, 17 y.o. Meghan Elam, found wondering around LA on Halloween night as a toddler? Why are people uncomfortable when they look into her eyes — which change color, depending on the weather? What connection does she have with the homeless guy seen around campus whom the snotty popular kids have rudely named “Hobo Joe”? Why do hellhounds come after her on her seventeenth birthday? What significance does that white dog have that she sees in a recurring dream? I’m looking forward to finding out.

In addition to Meghan, her adoptive family and her group of friends, all “outcasts” like Meghan are also well-fleshed out, and the scenery/location is also nicely described.

Worth a read if you’re into fantasy 🙂

And a big thanks to Net Galley for offering this book.

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