YouTube, Hulu, and Fancast

I LOVE HULU.  I missed some episodes of a T.V. show in which I was interested, and, lo and behold, there it was on Hulu.  I dont mind the ads….they give me time to go to the bathroom or get a mug of hot tea. 
I’ve been a YouTube fan for years, especially for music videos (they do not play David Navarro enough that I can find on any of TV’s music channels.  MTV isn’t even music anymore!
I had not heard of Fancast before (and for some reason, the one show I picked at Fancast swent me to hulu, or was I just imagining that?)  I would have loved this site (I love watching trailers for upcoming movies), but buffering never completed for me. 
I guess Hulu and Fansight could be good for customers who want to view episodes of TV series that the library doesn’t offer. 
YouTube is great because it has book mending videos….my secret passion is to be a book mender!  Well, I guess it’s not so seceret anymore.  Anyway, if you sign up for an account at WebJunction, and go to the Preservation Group, you get links to book mending (fixing torn pages, fixing broken binding, cleaning up pen and ink marks). 
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