I don’t know if I really need a wiki (or would have the discipline to keep up with it), but maybe having one will propel me into something so creative I can’t even comprehend what I’m about to do. 
I do love the WikiMatrix wizard, where you answer questions about desired attributes, and it guides you to the wikis that fulfill those desires….then, it gives ou a great side-by-side comparison chart, listing fees, author, storage capabiltities, intended audience (this was the most helpful part of the comparison chart), etc.
Based on descriptions alone, and if I were forced to choose one today, I am torn between Seed Wiki and Luminotes.
  • Luminotes allows being able to revoke access (not sure if this is on a person-by person basis or any public access, but I like the idea, having encountered enough trolls on chats and blogs and discussion lists)
  • Luminotes allows easy notes attachment
  • Luminotes has great step-by-step instructions (very intuitive, good since I’m not particularly programming-savvy)
  • Luminotes does NOT have a free format (unless you’re a student, I cannot afford $60 a year just for an online notebook)
  • Seed Wiki has a front page of cloud tags, which I loathe and adore: it’s great having idea thrown out, but I think it looks sloppy and it’s hard to read
  • Seed Wiki allows 200 MB while still being free

I like the idea of Luminotes, and hope, with the help of WikiMatrix to find something that will help me easily collect and arange recipes, and help me gather ideas to write my first book, which will be a novella so amazing they will NOT believe it’s from a first-time author (I have no delusions that I can write a tome like ‘Gone witht the Wind", hence the novella angle.)

Our library uses the Wiki for an online procedural manual and discussion forum, which I do find helpful, sicne it keeps everything in one place, unlike binders, which can go missing from the assigned shelf.   I like the idea of using it to keep track of potlucks:  "BettyLou, you simply MUST make that congealed pineapple lime pecan salad again!" 


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  1. Dan says:

    Luminotes developer here! I\’m glad to hear that you\’re interested in Luminotes. I wanted to let you know that Luminotes does indeed have a completely free online version, and you don\’t have to be a student to use it. Check it out at and please feel free to contact support if you have any questions.

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