Delicious (and no, I won’t use the name’s periods, because they’re not logical)

I do like that you can add tags to refine your own lists; I can see that it could be confusing to have each person defining what something actually "is", since folksonomy isn’t a rigid taxonomy.
The 8 minute podcast seems to have pretty much the same info as the 3-minute video at Sno-Isle’s, so I thought that was redundant, and the woman’s voice is irritating.  I kept losing focus because of her monotone, whispery droning, so I would recomend just sticking to the short demonstration at SIL’s 20 for 20: it’s great!
I do like that once you import the delicious toolbar, you can bookmark any page there…I will never again have to try to remember that great blog I was reading, or that really cool cooking wesite or that garbazno bean pancake that I can never remember the nameof (socca, form Nice, France).
The only problem I can see is that expired links are tagged.  Here I was, all excited to see Ms. Dewey, one of Sno Isle’s bookmarks (, and she no longer exists…poor Ms. Dewey, and never knew ye.
 This isn’t a tool I would have used on my own, without being told to sign in for an account, so I’m glad I was told.  Now if I could just get rid of this feeling that Big Brother is looking at what bookmarks people are using….
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