The first thing I noticed was that the size is listed in KB, not megabytes (and I imagine books will never be less than 1 megabyte); this caused quite an issue with a service provider.  I missed a decimal, and because of the size of the file, and given that in remote areas that use dishes — it exceeded my bandwidth for the day, and I was essentially "cut off" from service for 24 hours (reduced to dial-uip speed!!).   Not everyone is lucky enough to have DSL or cable with pretty much unlimited bandwidth.  Please put the file sizes in megabytes.
I was impressed with the number of titles that are available for download.  Athough I’m not personally someone who listens to books on CD, I can see that customers whould be pretty pleased with OverDrive’s offerings.
I did attend the online workshops last September with OverDrive, and they are great at training and at anticipating and answering user questions. 
I was a little disappointed in music offerings — I would like to have seen more current/popualr titles.  Maybe some indie stuff (RCRDLBL.com has great indie artists that you can listen to for free — could that be put on Sno-Isle’s website?)
Overall, I can see it’s a great tool, and now that more titles are being amde available for i-pods, users should be happy. 
I do wish Sno-Isle had tried out the OverDrive download stations at smaller branches, like Camano Island and Darrington, because out here, with many people only having dial-up service, it could have been a real benefit to rural customers.
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