Victory Garden

So my first tomato seeds, planted March 2 in Jiffy peat pellets, have germinated and are looking quite nice and tall (about 3")…yay!  Varieties: Glacier, Principe Borghese, Cheeseman’s wild cherry, Victory, and Crimson Carmello. Nicklow’s Doubletake and Early Cherry were also planted, but failed to germinate ().

Germination rate was 72% overall, so very happy about that.
Tonight I start my next batch of seeds:
Rhubarb (Glaskins Perpetual), Pumpkin (Small Sugar Pie), Tomato (Stupice), Leeks (King Richard), Cucumber (Lemon Novelty), Lettuce (Buttercrunch & Super Gourmet Blend), Celery (Giant Red).

I ordered some more seeds, all heirloom this time, so I can harvest them for next year, from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co — they have a great flat (& low) shipping rate of $3 — much better than all other places I looked, where shipping started at $7.50.  $7.50 to ship 1 ounce worth of seeds?  I don’t think so.  Baker Creek Seeds can be found at  Not a lot of pictures, but an amazing variety of rare seeds.  If only they had Lanceolate-style kale (I had several batches last year from Skagit Valley Co-Op – AMAZING STUFF – the leaves smelled so good I set the bunches out as a floral display until we ate it).  With the Italian kale available, I would have been 100% happy.

I started a log a Luminotes, but have to figure out how to make it viewable to people without having to specifically invite them.
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