2nd batch of Seedlings

So my second batch of seeds, sown on March 12, some have started germinating quite healthily — the Stupice tomatoes, and 2 types of lettuce (Parris Island Romaine & Tom Thumb butterhead) and Black Italian Kale (my favorite type of green).  The celery, pumpkin, rhubarb, cucumber, and leeks have not fared well, but the seeds were packed for 1999, so no surprise there.
 Still waiting for seeds I ordered last week from Rare Seeds: 3 types of tomato, leeks, a regular and a midget cantaloupe, a sweet Asian melon called Sakata’s, a ground cherry (groundcherries have a husk like a tomatillo, are grown like tomatoes, and taste pineapple-y) and Mexican sour gherkin cucumber (supposed to taste like a cucumber spritzed w/lemon juice).  I’m hoping to receive them this week. 
Was all excited to start some fennel seeds, but read they have to be direct sown, so that’s gotta wait, since we’re expecting snow this weekend.
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