Fake Magazine Cover

So I didn’t do the monopoly card, because I couldn’t come up with a witty short statement.  The fake magazine cover did seem like fun, though.  Then I went to the site to do the fake magazine cover, and kept being inundated with google ads.  Since I was getting frustrated with trying to find the "real" links instead of the darned annoying ads, I stopped because it stopped being fun
I was all set to do a cool gardening magazine cover with some tomatillos and tomtoes I had grown a few years ago, and then it was just no longer worth the effort.  A shame, too, because I actually had an idea and wanted to see it to fruition.  I don’t know if they changed the site from last year during the first round of 20 for 2.0; I hope so, because it’s a wild, non-fun goose chase now.   
Maybe I will try coming up with an e-mail signature, as long as it’s not from the "Customer Signature Generator" site.
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1 Response to Fake Magazine Cover

  1. Dave says:

    Ok http://www.fakemagazinecover.com has many ads, but they have the largest collection of templates now over 750 of them, other similar sites only have about 30. If you cannot find the correct links, try the ones with pictures of magazines….

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