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Folded Beads -Video Tutorials for new and mid-level polymer clay artisans

I remember seeing the red & silver necklace shown to the left in a magazine and immediately coveting it. Thinking back, it was my first introduction into what polymer clay could do…and since I can’t find the photocopy I made of the piece, … Continue reading

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For others who have an interest in polymer clay art – this post is for you

Grandma Moses has always been an inspirational figure to me – a prime example proving that it’s never too late to learn how to do something new. This article is about my learning something new. I’ve recently started dabbling in … Continue reading

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I read this article and thought, “Yes – THIS makes sense.”

How Netflix Reinvented HR: I really like Netflix’ approach…here is Harvard Business Review’s “Executive Summary” of the article (my comments in parentheses): Hire, reward, and tolerate only fully formed adults. Ask workers to rely on logic and common sense … Continue reading

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Intriguing teen suspense novella: “Dead Girls Don’t Write Letters” by Gail Giles

Dead Girls Don’t Write Letters by Gail Giles; published Sept 1, 2004; pb 9780689866241, hb 9780756942908. If you’re looking for a quick-read psychological thriller or maybe a title to give a non-avid reader that’s exciting enough to perhaps make them seek out books a little more … Continue reading

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Eight chapters in and really enjoying Jenna Elizabeth Johnson’s “Faelorehn”

Faelorehn – Book One of the Otherworld Trilogy by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson; pub date April 21, 2012; 9781475192087. I’m eight chapters in to Faelorehn and Ms. Johnson has done a great job in creating characters I like + creating a … Continue reading

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Great Jewelry Book for Teens: “Hardware: Jewelry from a Toolbox”

Hardware: Jewelry from a Toolbox by Hannah Rogge; pub date 5/1/2006; 9781584794806. Jewelry-making components can get pretty pricey, so how can you make attractive items for little cost? Or maybe funds aren’t short, but you want to learn how to … Continue reading

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Making it on the 4th Floor | Chattanooga Public Library

Want to get really excited about ‘Maker Spaces’ in libraries? Read about what the Chattanooga Public Library has done with heretofore storage space. I can’t wait to implement some of their ideas into my next job.Not as large in scope, … Continue reading

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K-12 Resource Guide: Resources by Content Area

K-12 Resource Guide: Resources by Content Area. Awesome resource list provided by UW Educational Outreach for those working with youth (children & teens) in the Puget Sound region.

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Erin Jade Lange’s “Butter” – a realistic fiction book that won’t let you look away

Butter by Erin Jade Lange; published 9/4/12; ISBN 9781599907802 “Butter” is a 423-lb. high school junior who loves listening to jazz, loves playing the saxophone, and is in love with fellow high school student, the beautiful Anna, with whom he IM’s every … Continue reading

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What is Connected Learning?

What is Connected Learning | Connected Learning. I was fortunate enough to attend a CAYAS training (CAYAS is WA state’s youth services special interest group) on “Connected Training on Nov 1st. Although Connected Learning is applicable to all ages, the … Continue reading

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